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Vacuuming Is Not A Substitute For Carpet Cleaning

Reason 1: Vacuuming will just clean the top surface of your carpet. It will not remove dirt from the deep pile of the carpet. This is where carpet cleaning comes into play.

Reason 2: It is true that you can vacuum your carpet regularly but it will not be enough to remove all the dirt. In fact, you may be able to remove the top layer of the carpet but it will still leave the deep pile dirty. The only way to get the deep pile cleaned is by hiring the professional carpet cleaners.

Reason 3: Many people think that if you vacuum your carpet regularly, then there is no chance of mold appearing. This is not true. In fact, you can actually get mold growing on your carpet if you don’t clean it properly. Mold is a common problem in damp environments. So, if you don’t regularly vacuum your carpet then it will not prevent mold from forming.

Reason 4: Vacuum cleaning will damage the fibers of your carpet. Some of the fibers may get torn up and damaged while cleaning the carpet and the result is that you will end up with a weak carpet.

Reason 5: Vacuuming is not a one-time affair. If you want to maintain a clean and tidy home, then it is important to vacuum your carpet at least twice a week. This will not be an easy job as it requires a lot of patience and it will take time.

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