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Asbestos Removal Services Calgary

Asbestos Removal Services Calgary

In the early 1970s, asbestos is used in home construction. If you build your Calgary home in the early 1970s, the chances are high that it will contain asbestos that has been linked to mesothelioma, cancer, and other serious diseases. Therefore, it’s best to contact an asbestos removal company like Alberta Fire & Flood to remove asbestos in your home rather than wait for this toxic material to affect the health of your loved ones.

At Alberta Fire & Flood, we provide the best asbestos removal services in Calgary. Our asbestos services are designed to make your building a safer place to breathe. All of our asbestos specialists are knowledgeable, licensed, and certified to handle your home or business environmental troubles. If you want to remove asbestos from your homes, schools, care facilities, and businesses, please call us at 403 204 2259 to book an appointment with us today.  

Our Asbestos Testing Service In Calgary

Asbestos is present in many building materials such as insulation, floor, plaster, ductwork, plaster, adhesives, roofing shingles, ceiling tiles, and more. These building materials are not hazardous if they’re not disrupted but become dangerous if the building materials are interrupted as asbestos fibers are released in the air.

At Alberta Fire & Flood, we perform a comprehensive test on your property to confirm whether you have asbestos materials or not. A sample will be taken in the areas of concern and send to a lab to research toxic materials. Once we have results, then we’ll take the next step to remove the asbestos materials from your property.

Our Asbestos Removal Service In Calgary

The United States Federal Administration identifies asbestos as a carcinogen substance. Therefore, the removal of asbestos is highly governed to guard public health. At Alberta Fire & Flood, we are a licensed and certified asbestos and mold removal company in Calgary. We offer safe asbestos removal in Calgary and carry out asbestos removal following city & state guidelines. 

We have registered a Calgary disposal company handling toxic waste that will dispose of the asbestos after removal. Our contractors are trained in the best practices and follow local/state/federal regulations for asbestos removal; we’re also a locally owned mold removal company in Calgary that will treat you with the respect and courtesy you deserve! 

By working with the contractor at Alberta Fire & Flood for your asbestos testing and removal in Calgary, you’ll enjoy an easy process without going through multiple contractors. 

Learn More About Our Asbestos Removal Services Calgary 

Have any concerns or questions about our asbestos testing and removal services? Our highly trained professionals are specialists in dealing with any asbestos. We operate in residential and commercial property carrying out the removal and disposal of asbestos garages, roofs, ceiling texture, Artex ceilings, thermal insulation, and all types of reinstatement work.

Contact Alberta Fire & Flood today at 403 204 2259 to speak with one of our certified asbestos specialists to learn more about how we can remove asbestos from your property.

Asbestos Removal Services Calgary

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Asbestos Removal Services Calgary

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